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You can be sure you’re tanning in the best beds when you walk in to Fuzion Skin Spa!

We feature Tan America for our Level 2 beds with 42 lamps at 160 watts each (6720 watts total), body fans, and foot fans. These beds are over-sized for all over tanning as well as comfort.

Our stand-up also by Tan America features 48 lamps at 160 watts each (almost 7700 total watts) with built in fans.

Our Level 3 beds have more body lamps than our Level 2 beds, also at160 watts each, plus facial lamps and shoulder lamps for the ultimate in tanning!

Our Level 2 units have AM/FM CD Players for your listening pleasure.

Our salon runs on Helios software for efficient management of all units.

We follow strict maintenance and disinfection protocols to ensure you are tanning in the best.